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Working on vehicles of any type, especially in a shop environment, requires high-quality, heavy-duty equipment – and tire changers are no exception! Whether you're an at-home mechanic or a reputable shop owner, you deserve to have the best supplies in your garage. At Best Buy Auto, we offer a wide selection of tire changers for any type of vehicle.

Our inventory of changers and tire machines is made up of top-rated and trusted brands like Nationwide, Ideal, Atlas, Talyn, K&L, and more – and they’re available at the most affordable prices! These brands are recognized for offering the best performance, from motorcycle tires to heavy-duty trucks and everything in between. The reputation of these top brands promises reliability and long-lasting use of your tire changers so you can get the most for your money. Our diverse selection guarantees that there is something for everyone.


We offer four types of tire changing machines: swing arm, tilt back, manual, and leverless models. Leverless and tilt-back models are ideal for busy shops, while the swing arm and manual models are typically suitable for at-home mechanics and low-volume shops. If you're looking for a simple and extremely user-friendly tire changer, check out the Nationwide 430 Economy Tire Changer with Swing Arm Style. Its affordability and swing arm style make it one of the most basic and easy to use on the market, its quality is irrefutable, and it gets the job done. On the other hand, if you want or need extra features, the Talyn Plus 1 Change w/ Adjustable Clamps and PL330 Power Assist is a great option. This top-of-the-line tire machine has three different stages of jaw clip adjustment and offers unparalleled efficiency and control.

We know your clients and their vehicles are important, and you can reduce the risk of potentially damaging their tires or rims by having the right tire changer in your shop. When you shop with us, no matter which tire changer you choose, you can feel confident that you are receiving the best quality at the best price. We offer interest-free financing for up to six months on many models, so submit your financing application today with no purchase obligation. If you have any questions about tire changers or tire machines, please call us to speak with a team member; we take our customer service seriously and will be happy to help in any way that we can!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tire changer?
One of the most popular and best tire changers on the market today is the Atlas® TC221 Elec/Pneumatic Wheel Clamp Tire Changer.

Can you replace your tires yourself?
If you’re an experienced and certified tech, it's pretty easy to replace tires yourself. As a hobbyist, it is possible to install your own, but you will need the right equipment and the know-how.

How much do mounting and balancing tires cost?
For balancing a tire, you will probably be looking at anything between $10 to $30 per tire. Mounting tires see a range of $15 to $30 per tire as well.

Can you balance your own tires?
You can balance your own tires, but the proper tools to balance them are expensive. A tire technician or mechanic with access to a tire balancer would be your best bet to ensure proper and safe tire balancing.

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Tire Changing Machines & Mounting (2024)


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